Do you have a heart for the clients and the work of the HPRC?

We have a wide variety of opportunities for volunteers. We require trained volunteers to meet with our clients to provide them with support. We also require others to help with tasks such as public relations, creative projects, administration, and general office help. We are always looking for people who share a passion for the lives of those in our community.

If you are interested in lending a hand, please download and complete our Volunteer Package along with the CAPSS Core Documents and return them both to the HPRC either by mail or in person during office hours. Anybody interested in volunteering with our clients should remember that we are a Christian organization. It is important to go over our CAPSS Core Documents thoroughly to make sure that you feel this ministry reflects your personal position on faith and support.

Volunteer Package

CAPSS Core Documents

Are you interested in joining our Board of Directors? Follow this link to the application:

Board of Directors Package

Please contact us today for more information @ 705-527-4272 or